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Expedition Nassau

During a recent trip to Suriname, I was able to spend a few days at the Nassau Mountains in the northeastern part of the country. This small (ca. 20 x 20 square kilometers), isolated mountain range consists of four plateaus with a maximum elevation of about 570 m. As these mountains are home to two endemic subspecies of beautifully colored anurans, the target was clear. Continue reading »

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If only nature had a security guard…

BW_ 2016-02-2017143

Yesterday I had to be in Limburg for a rugby game. I used this opportunity to go for a walk with my camera, as in this province relatively large patches of nature can still be found. Many of these are part of the Natura 2000 network. This is the world largest network of protected areas, covering 18% of the European Union’s land area and 6% of its marine territory. Continue reading »

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Underwater toads

BW_ 2014-03-100682

As temperatures are steadily rising again, Common toads (Bufo bufo) and Common frogs (Rana temporaria) will soon gather in a variety of ponds for their yearly moment of reproduction. If a male toad survives the murdering traffic on his journey from the hibernation ground to a suitable pond, he is not yet sure if he will be able to find a mate. Continue reading »

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BW_ 2014-10-117438

Autumn has returned. Temperatures have dropped and days are getting shorter. I spent last weekend in the Netherlands with some other nature photographers. Continue reading »

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BW_ 2014-03-100380

Smurfs: a strange title for a blog post about yet another amazing frog species… But after seeing these frogs, one can easily understand how this species got a nickname. Continue reading »

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Our World Underwater 2014


Yesterday I received more good news. The tadpole picture shown here below received the first prize in the category “compact cameras” in the Our World Underwater 2014 photo and video competition.

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Bert Willaert_Nyctibatrachus humayuni_Koyna

 I am happy to announce that I won the first prize of a nationwide amphibian photography contest in India. The winning picture (above, but differently cropped here) shows a male Bombay night frog (Nyctibatrachus humayuni) calling next to an egg clutch in its environment above a forest stream.

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Amphibians of the high Andes in Bolivia

I am currently in Bolivia to study the critically endangered frog Psychrophrynella illimani in the high Andes. I will post some more information about this work in a separate blog post. Continue reading »

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When the Edible frogs (Pelophylax kl. esculentus) are calling again, one knows that summer arrived. On hot days and nights, loud choruses of this frog can be heard. It is a species that can be found in garden ponds and its noisy Continue reading »

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The adult common frogs and toads (Rana temporaria and Bufo bufo respecitively) are already back in their land habitat for a while, but they have left their offspring in the water. These can be observed Continue reading »

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