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Expedition Nassau

During a recent trip to Suriname, I was able to spend a few days at the Nassau Mountains in the northeastern part of the country. This small (ca. 20 x 20 square kilometers), isolated mountain range consists of four plateaus with a maximum elevation of about 570 m. As these mountains are home to two endemic subspecies of beautifully colored anurans, the target was clear. Continue reading »

Amphibians of the high Andes in Bolivia

I am currently in Bolivia to study the critically endangered frog Psychrophrynella illimani in the high Andes. I will post some more information about this work in a separate blog post. Continue reading »

Chile Mountains False Toad

The Chile Mountains False Toad (Telmatobufo venustus) is a remarkable animal. Not only is it spectacularly colored, but it has a quite interesting life history as well (at least the known part…). Continue reading »

Darwin’s Frog

From Bell, T. and Darwin, C.R. (1843) Reptiles Part 5 No. 2 of The Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle. Smith Elder and Co, London: Continue reading »

Mocha Island

About 40 km off the coast at the height of Tirua, the forest covered hills of Mocha Island rise up from the Pacific. When arriving by plane, one can easily see how only the centre of the island remains intact, while the coastal areas are heavily impacted by cattle grazing. Luckily the centre is now a protected area. Life on the island is Continue reading »

Ground Frogs

Among the frogs of Chile, the genus Eupsophus (ground frogs) is one of the most species rich groups. All species have a typical anuran body plan, but they have a remarkable reproductive behaviour. During the reproductive season, males construct a network Continue reading »

The act of making love

About two years ago I was in Ecuador searching for frogs during the night when I stumbled upon an unusual sighting: a pair of mating mouse opossums (Marmosops cf. noctivagus). The male was hanging from his prehensive tail while firmly holding the

Continue reading »