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Ocean’s ambushers

When thinking about predators in marine ecosystems, most people likely think first of sharks roaming the wide ocean. Sharks are indeed among the apex predators in many marine habitats, but there is more…, much more! Continue reading »

Lundy Island

BW_ 2015-09-1913271I recently visited Lundy, an island off the west coast of England, where the Bristol Channel and the Atlantic meet. In 2010 Lundy Island was the first place to be designated as a Marine Conservation Zone. Continue reading »

Underwater toads

BW_ 2014-03-100682

As temperatures are steadily rising again, Common toads (Bufo bufo) and Common frogs (Rana temporaria) will soon gather in a variety of ponds for their yearly moment of reproduction. If a male toad survives the murdering traffic on his journey from the hibernation ground to a suitable pond, he is not yet sure if he will be able to find a mate. Continue reading »

European pond turtle

BW_ 2014-06-195018

Turtles and tortoises are a truly remarkable group of reptiles. These ancient looking animals, protected by their characteristic shell can be found in a variety of habitats.

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Our World Underwater 2014


Yesterday I received more good news. The tadpole picture shown here below received the first prize in the category “compact cameras” in the Our World Underwater 2014 photo and video competition.

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Austrian mountain lakes

Earlier this month I was invited to a good friend’s wedding in Austria. The week before the festivities, I took a short holiday in the Alps Continue reading »


The adult common frogs and toads (Rana temporaria and Bufo bufo respecitively) are already back in their land habitat for a while, but they have left their offspring in the water. These can be observed Continue reading »

underwater springtime

I have compiled a short movie of some fragments shot during the past underwater sessions. I’m not really into movie making, but sometimes it is just fun to see some of the action:


underwater II

During a sunny day at the end of March, one can usually observe thousands of tadpoles in the shallow waters inhabited by amphibians, but this year proofs to be different. I went back to the same pond for some underwater photography, but as it was partially covered with ice upon arrival, it did not look  very promising. Besides egg strings Continue reading »

underwater toads

Yesterday I went underwater for the first time. The weather had been good for some days and on several locations the amphibians had started their yearly spring migration. On the location I visited together with Rollin Verlinde, the first common toads (Bufo bufo) had already entered the water, but the majority still have to arrive. Some males had already found their first female, Continue reading »