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Ocean’s ambushers

When thinking about predators in marine ecosystems, most people likely think first of sharks roaming the wide ocean. Sharks are indeed among the apex predators in many marine habitats, but there is more…, much more! Continue reading »

Austrian mountain lakes

Earlier this month I was invited to a good friend’s wedding in Austria. The week before the festivities, I took a short holiday in the Alps Continue reading »


The adult common frogs and toads (Rana temporaria and Bufo bufo respecitively) are already back in their land habitat for a while, but they have left their offspring in the water. These can be observed Continue reading »

underwater II

During a sunny day at the end of March, one can usually observe thousands of tadpoles in the shallow waters inhabited by amphibians, but this year proofs to be different. I went back to the same pond for some underwater photography, but as it was partially covered with ice upon arrival, it did not look  very promising. Besides egg strings Continue reading »