Amphibians of the high Andes in Bolivia

I am currently in Bolivia to study the critically endangered frog Psychrophrynella illimani in the high Andes. I will post some more information about this work in a separate blog post. Below are some pictures of several frogs we encountered so far. The species numbers at these high altitudes are not very impressive, as only few species can cope with the harsh conditions in this spectacular environment.

Psychrophrynella illampu

Common marsupial frog (Gastrotheca marsupiata)

 Marbled Four-eyed Frog (Pleurodema marmoratum)

mountain stream in a high Andean valley

male Psychrophrynella illimani guarding a terrestrial egg clutch under a stone

Flat-fingered Robber Frog (Pristimantis platydactylus)


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