BW_ 2014-03-100380

Smurfs: a strange title for a blog post about yet another amazing frog species… But after seeing these frogs, one can easily understand how this species got a nickname. The Moor frog (Rana arvalis) is widespread in northern Eurasia. In spring, for only a very short period, males turn bright blue and gather in ponds and fens for breeding. Thousands of eggs are deposited, the males lose their attractive colors and both sexes return to land. Soon after only swarms of tadpoles will give away the presence of these remarkable animals. I recently spent an amazing day observing and photographing these lovely animals, with some of the results shown here below.

BW_ 2014-03-100224

BW_ 2014-03-100328

BW_ 2014-03-100259

BW_ 2014-03-100127

BW_ 2014-03-100122

BW_ 2014-03-100092

BW_ 2014-03-100071

BW_ 2014-03-100279

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