BW_ 2014-10-288185

Earlier this autumn, I visited the Vosges for a couple of days. I spent an evening and a morning photographing Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapbra) after a tip of Gert Arijs.

It is quite spectacular to see with how much speed and elegance these animals run up and down steep mountain slopes. The cold, misty mornings and autumn colors created beautiful sceneries. Despite not having seen a single amphibian or reptile, I really enjoyed this short trip and I’m looking forward to visit this region again. Below a short impression.

BW_ 2014-10-298355

BW_ 2014-10-278052 (1)

BW_ 2014-10-288120

BW_ 2014-10-308458

BW_ 2014-10-288100 (1)

BW_ 2014-10-298244

BW_ 2014-10-298277

BW_ 2014-10-298262

BW_ 2014-10-298406

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