Yesterday I went underwater for the first time. The weather had been good for some days and on several locations the amphibians had started their yearly spring migration. On the location I visited together with Rollin Verlinde, the first common toads (Bufo bufo) had already entered the water, but the majority still have to arrive. Some males had already found their first female, but no egg strings were present. As temperatures suddenly dropped again now, it will probably take some more time before breeding really starts. Since the conditions were not good for photography (cloudy & rainy), we mainly enjoyed watching the behavior of these amazing animals. Below some pictures to give you an impression of how their breeding environment looks like. To be continued…

The shallow pond with a lot of vegetation.

A male looking out for females…

During the breeding season, males take everything that moves. These two had just been attempting to grab my camera.

This male was more lucky and was already taking a ride on a female.

2 Replies to “underwater toads”

  1. Gatver.
    Gaat weer geld kosten.

    Ik heb wel geen Canon G12, maar een Nikon P7000 als “bijkamera”
    Toch met bewondering en verbazing naar de opnamen zitten kijken. Word er een beetje hebberig van. Ik zal ook eens op zoek gaan naar een passend onderwaterhuis. Voor de D700 was het in iedergeval niet leuk, in euro’s dan.
    Succes met set.

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