I am a nature photographer and herpetologist. I prefer taking pictures in remote places of rare amphibians and reptiles. Documenting the diversity of amphibians is one of my main projects. I am also interested in documenting conflicts between man and nature to address the conservation need to a wide audience. Through nature photography, it is possible to show some of the stunning features and adaptations that are present in nature to a variety of people that otherwise would never see this result of millions of years of evolution. This is a very important step in creating awareness of nature’s beauty and the threats that it currently has to endure.

Nothing as cool as hiking lonely through the rainforest in the middle of the night, concentrating on the surreal sounds and trying to locate the animals that produce them.

I was born in 1987 in Bruges, Belgium. Already during my youth, I grew a strong interest in nature, amphibians in special. I studied biology at the Ghent University, but studied half a year in Trabzon (Turkey) and also followed an introductory course to conservation biology in Greece organized by the Society of Conservation Biology. Currently I am doing a PhD at the Amphibian Evolution Lab at the Free University of Brussels, so photography is restricted to free time.

I have travelled to many places around the world and I am using mainly Nikon equipment to document the natural areas I discover.

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