white background

In nature photography, you have several options for registering your subject: you can either choose to isolate the subject from the background, you can show your subject in its natural habitat, you can make a portrait of your subject… One of the more extreme ways of isolating your subject from its background, is photographing it against an entirely white or black surface. I recently started doing this too and during my internet searches for improvement of this technique, I discovered the international project “Meet your neighbours“.

I combined my love for amphibians with this technique and below you see some of the resulting images. To me, isolating my subject from its background allows to put all attention on the animal, thereby showing some details that might otherwise easily be overlooked.

BW3_ 7742.jpgBW_ 2014-03-100153.jpgBW_ 2014-03-100177.jpgBW3_ 9383.jpgBW3_ 9405.jpgBW3_ 5620.jpgBW3_ 5813.jpgBW3_ 8190.jpgBW3_ 6254.jpgBW3_ 7145.jpgBW3_ 7936.jpgBW3_ 7971.jpgBW3_ 7979.jpgBW3_ 8015.jpgBW3_ 8023.jpgBW3_ 8024.jpgBW3_ 8159 (1).jpgBW3_ 8288.jpgBW2_ 7378.jpgc12-BW3_ 1984.jpgBW2_ 6587.jpgBW2_ 6618.jpgBW3_ 1507.jpgc32-BW3_ 0323.jpgBW2_ 6558.jpgBW2_ 6591.jpgBW2_ 6599.jpgBW2_ 7586.jpgBW2_ 7179.jpgBW2_ 7435.jpgBW2_ 6568.jpgBW2_ 7514.jpgBW3_ 0168.jpgBW3_ 0491.jpgBW2_ 6582.jpgBW3_ 1403.jpg