Documenting amphibian diversity

I have a great love for an often overlooked group of animals: the amphibians. These cold blooded animals are mostly nocturnal and on average rather small, probably not really contributing to their popularity. In the last centuries, there is however an increased general interest in these animals. Unluckily, one of the main causes here for is that amphibians are at the moment in big danger due to several problems: climate change, habitat fragmentation, pesticides, fungiā€¦ They have the unpleasant title of being the most endangered vertebrate taxon. Every month several new species are discovered, but in the meantime others go extinct. Every year, quite a lot of money is spent to conservation projects worldwide, concerning these problems. Of course this is great, but often the important aspects of public awareness and education of local people are overlooked or only shortly handled. To tackle this problem, I would like to start a project concerning this issue in the future, as I believe this would increase the efficiency and impact of conservation programs.

One of my main goals is to document the amphibian diversity. Hereby I do not only focus on the diversity of species, but also diversity in behavior, ecology…

I have been working together with several organizations and I am always interested in more collaborations to photograph the herpetofauna of certain areas. I am specializing in frogs & toads in particular, but I have a much wider interest in the end.

I am also contributing pictures to several websites:

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