Earlier this month I was invited to a good friend’s wedding in Austria. The week before the festivities, I took a short holiday in the Alps with a good friend. A strenuous walk to the top of the Schafberg, beautiful landscapes and good weather made it once again a wonderful experience. During the trip, we visited several mountain lakes, where I could not resist discovering the underwater world. The water was cold and clear, containing plenty of fish. Below a short impression, with pictures taken at the Wolfgangsee, Mönichsee, Grundlsee and Altaussee.

Sunset at the Wolfgangsee

split-level shot at the Mönichsee

plant growth and algae at the Grundlsee

young European Perches (Perca fluviatilis) at the Altaussee

European Perches (Perca fluviatilis) swim in schools when they are small.

The presence of tourists is also visible underwater

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